ScienceOpen is a freely accessible research network to discover and evaluate scientific information. Search among over 27 million articles and article records, filter by citation or Altmetric score, and share your expertise via comments or peer review. ScienceOpen: your research in context.


For Researchers

User Categories

In order to maintain a high quality of scholarly discourse, some functions require previous registration at ScienceOpen via ORCID, as well as a certain number of publications in your ORCID account. Don’t worry: registration is fast, easy and completely free of charge.

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Publishing: How Does It Work?

ScienceOpen publishes Articles in ScienceOpen Research. You can use our private collaboration tools to develop your draft with your co-authors before submission of your manuscript. After an initial editorial check and payment of the publication fee, your manuscript will be published Open Access and receives a Digital Object Identifier (DOI). The article is now available for open Post-Publication Peer Review.

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Peer Review Guidelines

Peer Review at ScienceOpen works differently from the currently widespread, conventional model. The following Peer Review Guidelines will help you to understand the objectives, features and requirements of the Peer Review process at ScienceOpen.

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ScienceOpen Collections

What is a Collection? The major aim of ScienceOpen Collections is to provide new models for the creation, distribution and evaluation of scholarly information. ScienceOpen Collections provide topic-specific bundling, editorial management and quality assurance for articles drawn from a variety of topics, publishers or journals (So_collections.ppt). Collections are compiled and maintained by a Collection Editor. What does a […]

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How To Update Your Profile

ScienceOpen works best when users are connected to their research. You can connect yourself to your research by updating your ScienceOpen profile. To a large extent, you can update your ScienceOpen profile by maintaining just your ORCID ID.

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For Publishers

Technical Requirements

For the uploading process ScienceOpen will need your articles to be prepared in a certain way. The preferred format is full text XML. You can upload your content through our FTP server. Your articles should be organized in ZIP folders, following this format: On your local computer, create a folder structure with the following structure: […]

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ScienceOpen for publishers

ScienceOpen offers next generation indexing and context marketing services for publishers.   ScienceOpen: How does it work?   ScienceOpen service packages for publishers We offer publishers the following service packages which can be booked separately or in combination: Indexing and context building ScienceOpen is a hub for discovery, aggregating Open Access content from several OA sources […]

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Partners and customers

Publishing Customers Higher Education Press ScienceOpen Higher Education Press 2016, featured collection Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Partnership announcement, featured collection Open Library of Humanities Blog post and press release, featured collection PeerJ Blog post and press release, featured collection AWWA Press release UTS ePRESS Press release Italian Society of Victimology Blog post, featured collection River […]

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