ScienceOpen for publishers

ScienceOpen offers next generation indexing and context marketing services for publishers.

ScienceOpen: How does it work?


ScienceOpen service packages for publishers

We offer publishers the following service packages which can be booked separately or in combination:

Context building

ScienceOpen is a hub for discovery, aggregating Open Access content from several OA sources as well as from individual publishers. Based on the Open Access model, we provide indexing services to publishers for a fee and make this information freely available to the scientific community and wider public, rather than locking it behind a subscription barrier.

We offer publishers the opportunity to add all their published content, regardless of license type or discipline, to this dynamic and growing site:

·         Indexing available for both frontlist and backfile articles in all STM, Social Sciences and Humanities fields

·         Link back to publisher website for all content

·         Freely available citation and Altmetric tracking

·         Increased visibility and discoverability for your authors on an interdisciplinary communication channel

·         Recommendation engine to bring your most important content to the right reader

·         Attractive commenting, post publication peer-review, and collection tools on a growing professional-networking platform

·         Dynamic advanced search functions

·         A devoted team dedicated to the goal of more usage and citations for your articles


Journal promotion services

For context marketing and a more prominent position for your Journal we offer a collection page which draws together all your journal content in one place for easy browsing and discovery.

·         Customized design with prominent journal logo

·         Journal branding within 30 million aggregated Open Access articles and article records

·         “Related collection” recommendation gives prominent visibility to your collection on all related content within the database

·         Sharing functionalities to promote journal in other social media outlets

·         Aggregated article metrics, usage statistics

For more information and individual pricing packages contact Dr. Stephanie Dawson at