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ScienceOpen publishes articles in ScienceOpen Research (ISSN 2199-1006). ScienceOpen publishes Articles in ScienceOpen Research. You can use our private collaboration tools to develop your draft with your co-authors before submission of your manuscript. After an initial editorial check and payment of the publication fee, your manuscript will be published Open Access and receives a Digital Object Identifier (DOI). The article is now available for open Post-Publication Peer Review.


Manuscript upload and preparation

In order to submit a manuscript for publication, you have to register at ScienceOpen and create a user account ( Upload your manuscript draft as PDF in your Workspace, enter the relevant metadata (title, authors, keywords, abstract etc.) and save the draft.

We recommend using our private collaboration tools prior to manuscript submission. We offer space and tools to collectively work on joint manuscript drafts – together with your colleagues and collaborators all over the world. You can share the draft with your co-authors or invite colleagues and peers to review and comment on your work in a private group. Upload as many revised versions as you need to get it right. This service is free of charge, even if you eventually decide to publish somewhere else. Of course, you can upload your draft and directly submit it for publication – without using the private collaboration tools.


ScienceOpen offers two ways to publish and review an article: 1) with Post-Publication Peer Review (US$ 800); 2) with PRE-Publication Endorsement (US$ 400). To submit an article with Post-Publication Peer Review managed by the ScienceOpen editorial staff, upload a draft in your Workspace, then click “Manage article” > “Publish”. In the next step, you can upload the source files for your manuscript (Word document, LaTeX, etc.), Figures (JPG, TIFF, etc.) and Tables. Videos may be submitted as AVI, MOV, and MP4 files. Audio files may be submitted as WAV or MP3 files. Please note that the regular publication fee for articles is US$ 800 (What Does it Cost?).

To submit an article with PRE Publication Endorsement please follow the instructions for author-mediated peer review here and submit your article for a pre-publication check to The publication fee for PRE endorsed articles is US$ 400.(What Does it Cost?).

Initial Editorial Check

Your work is evaluated internally to check whether it satisfies our General Publication Requirements. At this stage, the manuscript is checked only in terms of integrity as well as formal and ethical criteria – including a thorough plagiarism check (CrossCheck™). This internal editorial check usually takes about a week. Please note that all co-authors must be registered at ScienceOpen and have approved the submission before publication.

Acceptance and Publication

Appropriate manuscripts are immediately published in our Journal ScienceOpen Research (ISSN 2199-1006) – after payment of the publication fee – and the author manuscript is displayed as provisional preview PDFs until the typset version is available.

ScienceOpen offers to reduce or waive publishing fees to those who demonstrate need. Our waiver policy is open to those authors who apply (Application Form) and are affiliated with one of the countries enrolled in the HINARI program of the World Health Organization. Please also refer to our Editorial policy for further details.

A Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is assigned to your publication that enables citation and cross-publisher citation linking via CrossRef. Meanwhile, the manuscript is typeset, proof-read by the authors and undergoes an editorial check before an XML- and typeset PDF-version replaces the provisional PDF.

Post-Publication Peer Review

The transparent peer review process takes place after publication, in a so-called Post-Publication Peer Review. At this stage the work is evaluated in terms of methodological quality, comprehensible argumentation and compliance with scientific standards according to our Peer Review Guidelines.

ScienceOpen Editors will invite suitable reviewers for your article, but you are free to invite suitable reviewers on your own – as long as they are in accordance with our Peer Review Guidelines. There are no limits on the number of invited reviewers. Other ScienceOpen members may invite additional peers to review your work. Unsolicited comments, rating and reviews make up another important component of our public peer review system.

Please note that the identity and comments of each reviewer are visible at all times. We believe that this makes science more opentransparent and fair. Since our peer review process is quite different from that of other journals, we strongly encourage reviewers to consult our Peer Review Guidelines before writing a review.

Editors may step in at any point in the process should there be concerns about a misuse of the ScienceOpen reviewing and commenting tools.

Peer Review by Endorsement (PRE)

ScienceOpen offers a further option for the evaluation of research results called PRE – Peer Review by Endorsement. Authors may work with colleagues to improve their paper prior to submission and then publish it with their written endorsement. Reviewers must sign and publish the following statement:

I have read this article, given feedback to the authors and now feel that it is of appropriate quality to be included in the scientific literature and be part of the open scientific discourse.

For more details please consult our Peer Review Guidelines.

All articles once published are open for Post-Publication Peer Review as well.

Commenting and Reviewing requires registration via ORCID

Everybody can read, download and share your article. Commenting, rating and reviewing, however, requires previous registration at ScienceOpen via ORCID. Only Scientific Members who are affiliated with an accredited university and have at least 5 peer reviewed publications assigned listed in their ORCID profile may officially review an article at ScienceOpen. Commenting requires at least 1 publication. Please refer to our User Categories for a detailed description. In any case, please consult our Peer Review Guidelines and Guidelines for Commenting before writing a review or commenting on papers.

Submission of revised versions

You are cordially invited to further improve your work and submit a revised version of your artcile, in order to address the concerns and suggestions raised by the reviewers and increase your average rating. We also encourage you to take comments made by other ScienceOpen users into account. Changes should be marked clearly in the revised manuscript for the typesetter.

The second version receives a slightly different DOI (e.g. 10.14293/S2199-1006.1.SOR-MATSCI.AKA0J6.v2) and the DOIs of both versions are linked in order to ensure that citations are continuously collected and that users are always directed to the most recent version.


Articles published in ScienceOpen Research are indexed by Google Scholar and DOAJ (if 2 positive peer review ratings ≥3.0/5.0 stars). We are currently working out the details of our cooperation with various other abstracting and indexing services. The criteria for coverage might vary from service to service. Please note that papers that have not been approved by your peers will not be covered by indexing services and that the publication fee will not be refunded.