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Integrate your ScienceOpen profile with your ORCID to unlock a world of interactive features with My ScienceOpen.

My ScienceOpen

Thousands of users come to ScienceOpen every day for one main task: To discover research. Your research. We have added new features enabling you to quickly add extra metadata to your articles, including disciplines and keywords. By doing this simple task, you will give your research articles a massive discovery surge in our search engine and database. This is about giving you the tools you need to maximize your discoverability! You can track the increase in usage you get by checking out the new ‘Statistics‘ tab on your profile.

Each of your articles now has this new range of features

As well as this, you can also choose to make your articles more eye-catching by adding images that show up in searches as well as the main article pages.

User Categories

In order to maintain a high quality of scholarly discourse, some functions require previous registration at ScienceOpen via ORCID, as well as a certain number of publications in your ORCID account. Registration is fast, easy and completely free of charge. Scroll down to find out how to update or integrate your ORCID ID.

Guest Member Scientific Member Expert
Browse / search Yes Yes Yes Yes
Share papers Yes Yes Yes Yes
Discovery tools No Yes Yes Yes
Interact with users No Yes Yes Yes
Invite reviewers No Yes Yes Yes
Recommend (+1) papers No Yes Yes Yes
Comment on papers No No Yes Yes
Write reviews No No No Yes
Registration via ORCID Not required Not required Required 5+ articles


ScienceOpen is a freely accessible online platform and no registration is required to browse through the articles. Everybody can read and download papers and share them with others via e-mail or social media.


Once you have registered with ScienceOpen, you can create a personal profile and invite reviews for your any article on ScienceOpen. The registration at ScienceOpen and the use of private collaboration tools are completely free of charge, even if you decide to publish elsewhere.

Scientific Member

Scientific Members can, in addition, comment on and rate publications presented at ScienceOpen. Please note that they do so under their own name. To become a Scientific Member, you must connect your ORCID account, and provide your email address.


Only those ScienceOpen members who have at least 5 peer reviewed publications assigned to their ORCID account may officially review a published article. Please note that the reviews are submitted under their own name and are visible to all users at any time.

ScienceOpen works best when users are connected to their research. You can connect yourself to your research by updating your ScienceOpen profile. To a large extent, you can update your ScienceOpen profile by maintaining just your ORCID ID.


How to update your ORCID

ScienceOpen user profiles are based almost exclusively on the public information you provide in your connected ORCID account.

When you connect ScienceOpen to ORCID, the following information will be automatically imported:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Keywords
  • Biography
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Funding
  • Publications

How to link publications to your ORCID

Listing links to publications on ORCID is important because it establishes your identity and your membership status on ScienceOpen. There are three ways to add your publication links to ORCID:

After you complete this step, your publication list will be imported from ORCID and displayed on ScienceOpen under the ‘Other publication’ section of your ScienceOpen profile. The number of publications on your ScienceOpen profile determines your membership status, which in turn determines how you can interact with content on ScienceOpen.

Public and Private Information on ORCID

ORCID information with a privacy setting of ‘public’ will be synchronized with ScienceOpen. Therefore, at minimum, we recommend making the following information on your ORCID profile public:

  • Biography
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Keyword
  • Publications

To make information on your ORCID public, look for the icon:


Hover over the icon to see some options. For further information see the ORCID Privacy Settings. Also see here for further information on how to update your ORCID account.

ScienceOpen Profile Information not taken directly from ORCID

The following additional information on your ScienceOpen profile can be added under the ‘Edit Profile’ section of your ScienceOpen profile homepage.

  • Profile image (will appear as a thumbnail in newsfeeds, group discussions and all interactions on the site)
  • Disciplines (up to three) – which helps us to direct relevant peer review requests to you.
  • Self description – again, very helpful if you want to receive new articles for review.
  • Friendly URL (e.g.