FAQ Group: Search

When I was searching for a DOI, ArXiv ID, PMID or PMC ID by making use of the ID filter, I found multiple records on the result list. How can an ID be assigned to multiple articles?

Background: Humans make mistakes. Machines amplify them. Most cases here result from typos made in article reference lists. We mine article references to integrate and interlink it into our data network of more than 31 million article records, and hundreds of millions of connections. For each reference, we create a new article record that refers back to the seed article, so they are all driving traffic to the article in question. These are like paths leading readers to the article and interconnect it with other nodes in our research network. Although we cross-check metadata inputs, a small portion of ID-relevant typos might remain unnoticed.

In some other cases, we also receive metadata from PubMed with the wrong DOI information. We do our best to report such cases and eliminate ID duplications from our system ASAP.

Solution: Please report the problem here. If you wish to speed up the reporting process, before contacting us please check the ID in the respective database (PubMed, ArXiv or CrossRef) and let us know which are the mistakenly assigned articles.