About BookMetaHub Data Formats

About BookMetaHub Data Formats

How-To Upload, Enhance, and Export your Book Metadata:

BookMetaHub’s new interface allows publishers to enhance their metadata to make it compliant to digital environment requirements and to enrich and standardize it, to increase interoperability for easy sharing and re-use for other platforms.

Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Import Formats

The new BookMetaHub is able to ingest a variety of formats, which you can upload via the My BookMetaHub →Dashboard.

Step 2: Manual Record Creation or Enhancement via the User Interface

Publishers can then enhance and enrich the metadata via a →User Interface to make the records fit for indexing in a digital research environment. The publishers who have no metadata ready can input information directly via the User Interface.

Step 3: Export Formats

Designated output is primarily PubMed compatible BITS XMLs and Crossref XMLs. Via our open API publishers can also easily download content in batches.

For further output formats such as ONIX, MARC, JSON, or KBART you can send data from the BookMetaHub directly to Thoth via our new integration (or import the ONIX files from Thoth to BMH). Get in touch to learn more!


The overall objective is to make use of a variety of formats and enhance them so that they can be reused for digital indexing, to help solidify and standardize relevant metadata elements–in short, to upgrade records for usage in an e-environment.