BookMetaHub FAQ

BookMetaHub FAQ



Working on the BookMetaHub and not getting the results you were hoping for? Here is a list of common errors and how to fix it


  • DOI-based metadata query Errors: Can’t process […]/ UNSUPPORTED_TYPE/ ID does not exists 

Solution: Check the overview of supported record types and make sure the DOIs are registered:

  1. Crossref DOIs: Book/Book_chapter/ monograph/ edited book/ reference book
  2. DataCite DOIs: book/ monographs
  3. Zenodo DOIs: Book/ book section/ monograph/ publication book


  • Error Onix import: Unknown xml type

Solution: Check for Errors in tagging

  1. Check ONIX file:
    1. Do all opening and closing tags match?
    2. Are there tags missing?
    3. Check if Header has wrong/missing info
      1. e.g. is the Doc type/schema reference missing?
      2. Root element should show “” not “www.editeur”
        1. See e.g. <ONIXMessage release=”3.0″ xmlns=””>
      3. Encoding UTF-8 vs. utf-8 BOM
        1. Should be e.g. <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>


  • Error Status Onix: LOADED but not imported

Solution: Make sure ONIX file contains essential elements such as

  1. Publisher
  2. publication date
  3. ISBNs
  4. Title
  5. Author


  • HowTo make sure to get best results when merging metadata from ONIX and DOI-based queried data
  1. Query DOI-based metadata via Crossref or DataCite first
  2. then update for additional metadata richness with ONIX files


  • Onix file was uploaded but additional formats are not shown accordingly

Solution: Are all formats correctly tagged

  1. Are additional ISBNs or chapters tagged correctly within <RelatedProduct>?


  • Additional Editors were invited to a Publisher Workspace but they are not added to Workspace accordingly

Solution: Make sure to use the correct publisher email

  1. Invite email must use the same email address as new editors in registration process
    1. then system can successfully connected new editors to Workspace


  • If you could not find any errors in your ONIX files, but upload was still not working, kindly forward a sample ONIX file to, so we can provide support and follow up accordingly.