How can I add articles to the ScienceOpen research corpus and to my profile?

At the moment, you can add content to your ScienceOpen profile from three sources: 1) ORCID; 2) our existing corpus of 33 million article records; 3) our article request feature.


We leverage ORCID for seamless and efficient integration of your research outputs into ScienceOpen. The new ORCID integration button on your profile page takes you to your Dashboard where you can import articles from your ORCID account with one click. After clicking on Refresh from ORCID, your ORCID records will be automatically imported to ScienceOpen. If needed, you can update ORCID permissions or edit your ORCID profile.

2. Claim authorship of articles in our research corpus

Another option for adding content to your ScienceOpen profile is claiming authorship of articles from our research corpus. It’s simple: select the Get more content menu on your dashboard (or just click on the Get more content button on your profile). Here the Claim your articles option shows how many potentially matching articles are found for you to claim. In case of finding this result list too long, the multi-layered searching and filtering tools available on all our search pages will help you to filter the needles from the haystack.

3. Article request

Missing an article or citation from ScienceOpen, or want to add more of your own publications? All we need are either a list of:

CrossRef DOIs or PubMed IDs

Simply upload a file or copy and paste them in, click the button, and away you go! We’ll send you a notification by email to let you know the status of each article. We’ll work our magic behind the scenes and integrate your selection as soon as is computationally possible.

You can even integrate articles here directly into your collections.