Guidelines For Comments

Every ScienceOpen member that meets certain criteria is able to contribute to the review process in two different ways: with reviews and with comments. The following guidelines describe the requirements and the rules for commenting on articles.

Scientific Members and Experts with at least five publications assigned to their ORCID account are able to review a paper. MembersScientific Members and Experts with at least one publication assigned to their ORCID account are able to comment on a paper. Please see our User Categories for further details.


Comments can be much shorter than reviews and may either add some relevant information to the discussion, highlight certain aspects of the publication, or express general agreement or disagreement. Comments should either support other readers in making up their own mind about the paper or encourage the authors to further improve their work.

Please keep the following points in mind before commenting on a paper

  • Comments are made under your real identity (ORCID ID) and are visible to the public.
  • Comments should be written in clear and comprehensible English.
  • The feedback should be constructive and issue-focused.
  • We expect everyone to express their opinion in a polite and objective way
  • In case of disagreement, please be respectful and refrain from personal attacks
  • Please inform the editorial office is you encounter any inappropriate comment
  • Editors may intervene at any point should there be any concern about a misuse of reviewing and commenting tools.