How to Create or Enhance Metadata via the BookMetaHub User Interface

How to Create or Enhance Metadata via the BookMetaHub User Interface

Easily Create, Enhance, or Update your metadata via the BookMetaHub (now with Thoth integration)


The new BookMetaHub offers an intuitive User Interface for publishers to either create metadata from scratch or enhance and update available content whenever there are changes required!


HowTo work on your metadata via the User Interface:

Once publishers successfully register on the BookMetaHub and create their own workspace, all available metadata can be easily imported via the current import features. All records will be added to the publisher workspace. If there are no data files or records available, publishers can use the interface to create book and chapter records from scratch.


HowTo create metadata for your books and chapter:
  • On all publisher workspaces there is a →Add new book button availble on the workspace banner. Just click the button and the User Interface will open for manual input of available metadata. Just follow the descriptions on the page.
  • Once a book record is finished, it will show up in the publisher workspace page listing all new records.
  • To add additional chapters, open the respective book record and click on the →Create chapter button. Again the User Interface will open for manually inserting respective chapter details.
  • Book-level metadata will be inherited from the book, so only specific chapter details need to be added.
  • Once all required details are added, click the →Save button. That’s it!


HowTo update or enhance your metadata for your books and chapter:
  • After succesful import of content to your publisher workspace via the supported import features, publishers can access any record pages via the their workspace.
  • You can easily access any record pages of your imported books and chapters via the workspace.
  • On all book and chapter record pages, publishers will find an →Enhance metadata button. Just click the button and the User Interface will open showing all imported details.
  • Simply scan through the data to quickly find missing elements or change incorrect details.
  • Once respective changes are done via the Interface, click the →Save button. That’s it!


After a few minutes, your newly created or updated records will be ready for download on all record pages!


For further format-specific enrichment and gaining access to more output formats such as ONIX, MARC, KBART, or JSON, we set up an easy data transfer between the BookMetaHub and the Thoth system.


Here is How to Set up an interface between the BMH and Thoth:


  1. Create account on Thoth
    1. get in touch with us with your imprint ID: we will connect your workspace with Thoth account in background
  2. After setup, there is a new àExport to Thoth button
  3. After successful export you will find àEdit in Thoth button
    1. Land on new record page populated with essential data
    2. Currently creating new contributor record and adding basic publication details
    3. More elements will be added along the line, to reduce the need for repeated manual data input
  4. Continue the format-specific enhancement on the Thoth platform to make valid records for output in ONIX, JSON, KBART, and more!
    1. Via a variety of different interfaces you can add missing publication details about the book and chapters, enrich the publisher/imprint or update the contributor records.

We will continue to work on this development to make sure the joint workflow will significantly reduce redundancies in Publishers’ metadata workflows. We value your feedback, so please feel free to reach out to us!