Upload Content via easy ID lookup/ Export Crossref XMLs


Apart from files upload, you can also query metadata for your publication by making a simple query based on IDs. Supported in the system are Crossref and DataCite DOIs.


How to query registered metadata via IDs:


Open the dropdown menu of your →My BookMetaHub and go to your →Dashboard.


On the Dashboard, you can chose to:

  • Add metadata by DOI

You can easily add basic metadata for your books and chapters by submitting a list of Crossref and Datacite DOIs. Simply paste a list of DOIs into the request box or upload an excel sheet to query all metadata for your DOIs.


  • As a last step for both please select your →Publisher Workspace for all requested records to be imported to.


After your request is processed, we will send you a notification by e-mail.


Enhanced Book and chapter records are also available in Crossref-compatible XML format to be exported and send to other third-party content aggregators. Just go to the Record page to download the Crossref XMLs.