Flyers and other information for publishers


ScienceOpen offers a multitude of services including publishing, hosting, media promotion, and technical consultation that are all customizable depending on the specific needs of our partners. Below, you will find routinely updated flyers that give detailed information regarding the services we currently provide:

  • Publishing – For custom publishing solutions with ScienceOpen
  • Hosting – An interactive environment for your content on ScienceOpen
  • Books – A new channel for you to promote your book content plus help from ScienceOpen’s technical team to enrich your book metadata
  • The Integrator – Flexible Collections for your website powered by ScienceOpen
  • Conferences – Publish your conference proceedings on ScienceOpen to give your conference a lasting, online presence.
  • Journals – Driving submissions through promotion on ScienceOpen
  • Metadata – Expert technical help to enrich your metadata
  • Projects Build and innovate with ScienceOpen
  • Media and Networking – ScienceOpen serves as an interactive discovery and networking site plus an additional marketing channel for your content