Our online usage reporting standards

Here you can find technical information and the description of code of practice concerning our online article usage data standards.

Our metrics of usage include: article page views, article read click counts, share counts, Altmetric score counts and article cited by counts.

  • Article page views                                                    

This is what we display as view count in our metrics of re-use.  An article page view is counted when a user requests an article page from the web server by clicking on a link or entering a URL in their browser. This should not be confused with read click counts (see below). Our read count incrementer is periodically IP unique.  That is, in order to ensure the credibility and consistency of our online usage reports, we exclude repeated IP visits within a 24 hour period. We also excluded the following robot IPs: Baiduspider, Googlebot, Bingbot, Yahoo!, Pingdom, AhrefsBot, Yandexbot.

Furthermore, read counts are preserved throughout the lifetime of our indexed article records. In practice, this means that in all cases when we update a record by one of its better/richer version, the number of read counts are inherited to the updated version after the re-aggregation. This way we can avoid having duplicates and scattered usage data in our system.

  • Article read click counts

Article read click counts include PDF downloads and the number of times the green READ button is clicked on our article pages. These READ button clicks redirect our users to the source page of the article i.e. to the publisher’s site or to a HTML view of the PDF. For read click counts the same anti-bot policy is used as it was touched upon with article page views. Notice however that in contrast to article page views, not all articles on ScienceOpen have such a READ button and so currently we do not display these metrics on the article pages. You can learn more about our redirecting services here. Articles with CrossRef DOIs are redirected to their source page via CrossRef.

  • Article share counts                                                             

The number of times an article is shared on Twitter, Facebook, Google + or via e-mail. Our share counter is user and type level unique which implies that sharing the same article by the same user on the same platform will be only incremented once.

  • Article Altmetric score counts                                            

DOIs, ArXiv and PMC IDs allow us to monitor and track Altmetric scores. We receive updated data from Altmetric every 24 hours. As a result, articles may experience a lag with the display of Altmetric score of up to one day.

  • Article cited by counts              

Shows the number of citations of an article by other articles indexed on our site.

Aggregated read counts, share counts and Altmetric counts are displayed on our collection level metrics and also for each individual journal and publisher on the platform.

For information on online usage reporting contact Erzsébet Tóth-Czifra.