Peer review management tools

Peer review is an essential function for academic publishers. From post-publication and open peer review intrastructure to more traditional forms of blinded peer review, ScienceOpen provides manuscript submission and peer review management tools embedded in a discovery platform to support your editors’ search for expert reviewers.

Open review and versioning

Journals publishing on the ScienceOpen platform can choose between blinded review and an open, transparent process. An intuitive manuscript submission and peer review dashboard help editors to track and manage the review process both before and after publication. A full set of notifications – branded with the publisher’s logo – support editors for faster turn-around times.

Beyond the first round of decision-making, the ScienceOpen platform offers a built-in infrastructure for open, post-publication peer review that has been used and improved since 2014. Broadly applicable questions refined with the help of over 100 editors, peer review experts, researchers and publishers form the basis for an article review. Users comment and review with their full identity and ORCID and a review requires a certain level of expertise, as measured by 5 peer-reviewed articles attached to the reviewer’s profile. All review reports receive a citable Crossref DOI. Authors may reply to reviews via the comment function, creating a transparent discussion platform. Reviews/comments are attached to a particular version of an article and the full history of a publication is visible. Reporting tools can provide both a view based on aggregated metrics for multiple versions, as well as individual metrics for each version.

Publishers can choose between innovative workflows that include posting pre-print content or more traditional publishing paths that publish the final peer-reviewed version in XML and PDF.


If you would like to learn more about ScienceOpen peer review solutions and get a quote for your journals and books, please contact Stephanie Dawson or Stuart Cooper.