ScienceOpen for Funders

Open access journals are changing the rules of the game in more ways than just making research freely accessible. Increasingly, funding bodies are starting their own open access publishing outlets to provide low-cost, high quality journal alternatives for the research they fund. The rise of preprints in the last years has also changed the ways in which researchers are communicating their results and founders are stepping up by acknowledging preprints in grant applications.

ScienceOpen, as a freely accessible, interactive research communication platform with open access at its core. We can offer full professional open access publishing services that connect our partners to major infrastructures such as ORCID and Crossref. We have all the components to quickly customize a system with preprints, open peer review, open access publishing, alternative metrics, and citation tracking. The ScienceOpen technology can be customized to help you create the publishing platform of the future.

  • With full-text XML and pdf hosting on ScienceOpen your DOI lands in the rich contextual environment of the ScienceOpen
  • Integration with ORCID, Crossref
  • Collection landing page to showcase your journal
  • Preprint aggregation and creation of preprint servers
  • Context environment of over 60 million records driving search and discovery
  • Dynamic search and filtering of all content at journal, publisher, author and collection level
  • Article- and journal level usage statistics on the fly, plus quarterly usage reports
  • Publisher and journal collections promoted with a banner on all relevant content in over 60 million article records
  • Author-promotion tools for users to add lay summaries and share and track their work
  • Community-run, researcher-led topical collections further promote usage
  • Commenting and recommendation functionalities
  • Post-publication peer review functionalities to further engage community

We can provide customized technology, hosting and publishing solutions for funders. For further information and individual pricing contact Alexander Grossmann or Stephanie Dawson.