ScienceOpen for Research Institutes

ScienceOpen is a freely accessible, interactive research communication platform with the technological infrastructure to support multi-dimensional search and discovery, community curation and researcher networking. We offer free tools for researchers to communicate, evaluate and promote their research within the broad interdisciplinary context of over 90 million articles and records.


Institutes may be interested in promoting their publications with an institutional collection or network of collections. Faculties and research groups can also create their own networks of collections that can be flexibly used for educational purposes such as a reading list for new members, journal clubs for discussion, showcases for faculty output, overlay journals combined with preprints, training ground for open peer review and more. Beyond our free products for researchers, the ScienceOpen technology can be customized to meet current or future needs of your institute. Some ideas:

  • Interactive bibliography – search and sort by citations, altmetrics, preprint, open access and more
  • Promotional tools to help your researchers increase their online visibility
  • Lay summaries to increase outreach to general public
  • Repository software solutions
  • Preprint server
  • Publishing support for institutional open access journals

We are happy to explore customized technology solutions for your institution with you.

For further information and individual pricing contact Alexander Grossmann or Stephanie Dawson.