UN Sustainable Development Goals on ScienceOpen

Is your research relevant to a particular UN Sustainable Development Goal? Add a keyword to your article and have it automatically included in our SDG collections! On ScienceOpen you can add a lay summary, keywords, a catchy image or link to your data set to increase the visibility of your work. Now you can also join in this community curation project to promote the UN SDGs. Together we can find solutions faster!

To raise awareness for this important research, the UN Sustainable Development Goals on ScienceOpen collection is promoted throughout the discovery environment in search menus, as “Related collection” banners and article recommendations. If you are working on a particular SDG you can add your work to the collection in 4 easy steps:


  1. Register on ScienceOpen at https://www.scienceopen.com/register.
  2. Link to your ORCID profile (or create an ORCID ID): This will automatically add your publication list to ScienceOpen.
  3. For a relevant article click on “Add keywords” from your profile page.
  4. Add the relevant SDG(s) to the keyword section, for example “SDG1” or “SDG1: No poverty” and/or “Sustainable Development Goals” and save! Your article will now be automatically added to the relevant collection within 24 hours. You can also add a lay summary, catchy image, disciplines and data availability statements to your work to increase its visibility.

We believe that this is too important a topic to leave to the computers alone. Join in this community curation effort to support progress towards these essential goals for humanity and the world and share your work with a global research community.

If you would be interested in creating your own collection around your particular research topic, either alone or with an editor team, just get in touch at info@scienceopen.com. Researchers typically use these collections to promote their research area, start a discussion group, provide an interactive list of seminal papers for teaching or a living bibliography for review articles. These are easy to create and maintain and are also good mentoring projects. You can learn more here: ScienceOpen Collections.

Your engagement and feedback are highly appreciated. Please feel free so send us your comments and suggestions to feedback@scienceopen.com.