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What is Public Post-Publication Peer Review?

At ScienceOpen, we have over 60 million article records all available for public, post-publication peer review (PPPR), 6 million of which are full-text Open Access. This functionality is a response to increasing calls for continuous moderation of the published research literature, a consistent questioning of the functionality of the traditional peer review model (some examples in this post), and an increasing recognition that scientific discourse does not stop at the ‘event’ point of publication for any research article.

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Competing Interests

Reviewers must declare if they have any potential conflicts of interest that may influence their independent judgment and hence result in positively or negatively biased reviews. Declaration of competing interests aims to allow others to evaluate the autonomy and neutrality of the reviewer’s judgment. Competing interests generally arise from personal, financial or professional/academic relationships that result in a divergence between the reviewer’s private interests and their responsibilities as neutral reviewer.

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