Technical Requirements

Technical requirements for uploading your published content to ScienceOpen Search.

For the uploading process ScienceOpen will need your articles to be prepared in a certain way. The preferred format is full text XML. You can upload your content through our FTP server. Your articles should be organized in ZIP folders, following this format:

  • On your local computer, create a folder structure with the following structure:
    • Today’s date: YYYY-MM-DD format. (i.e. 2016-04-01)
      • Article1 content (XML file and any other relevant files in a zip file)
      • Article2 content (XML file and any other relevant files in a zip file)
      • Article…
  • Example:
    • Root Level : 2014-04-01
      • zip (containing file 1234.XML, image.jpg)
      • zip (containing file 5678.XML, image.png)

In cases where the Publisher does not have full text XML version of the articles, please provide PDF file for each article, together with its XML metadata.

If you do not have XML metadata, yet your articles do have DOIs assigned, you will be asked to prepare a list of articles with their corresponding DOIs.

We can also work with RSS feed, and you can use our API. If your articles have no DOIs and you are unable to provide any XML metadata, please talk to us individually.